About the Bulletin Board

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Completely ready script for launching the bulletin board optimized for work with high attendance, with rebuilt monetization, professional SEO tools and adaptation for any device is the best solution for your business or start-up.

Adaptive website design makes it possible to comfortably use the site both on the computer, and on tablets and smartphones. This allows you not to lose the audience of the site without additional efforts - everything works automatically.

We do not quickly project adaptivity, we test everything on real devices and try to keep the maximum functionality, despite the limitations from the screen resolution and the use of the touchscreen instead of the mouse.

Briefly about the features of ads

Flexible setting of categories and their properties (filters) for adding and searching for ads
the ability to link ads to a point on the map (Yandex Maps)
display of search results by list, gallery
publication and promotion of ads (monetization):
mark "urgently"
fastening on the main, in categories
premium block (VIP)
limits of free ads and payment for placement after exceeding the limit
the possibility of creating and purchasing a package of paid services for an advertisement
add ads to Favorites, repost in social. networks
ad processing system
detailed statistics of the author's ads and contacts
commenting on an ad
export / import of ads
spam filter
pre-moderation / postmodem mode

Briefly about the possibilities of shops

create an advanced profile - store user
search for stores by region, product categories or a separate categorization of this section
displaying stores by list
view all store ads
paid services for shops
Individual design for each store
Possibility of online sale of goods

User cabinet features

authorization / registration classic (email / password)
registration with phone number confirmation via SMS (tested)
managing your Ads
management of your Store and its products
blocking users
group of users
Manage your subscription


A convenient META system with inheritance and macros
sitemap.xml (collected automatically)
canonical URLs
markup Open Graph (tested)
landing pages
arbitrary URL for any nested category
declination of regions (in Moscow, in Vladivostok)

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